Sunday, June 1, 2008

Phase 2 of Memorial Day Weekend

Destination..Mississippi River..Arrived with warnings of tornadoes..and Yes..we laughed in the face of these so-called tornadoes..bound and determined to sleep under the stars..we headed north..and camped in a state forest for FREE..and for all u committed Hardly-Reliable aka Harley Davidson riders..let me display how useful even a krotch-rocket can be in the wild compared to.. ummm..u know..HD's

Phase 1 of Memorial Day weekend

Exit Milwaukee @ 6pm Sat..Crash the BBC fundraiser in Janesville..Enjoyed great hospitality and outrageous shenannigans..followed by an intimate snooze with my ZUKI

Damn motorcycle maintenance

my bike needs some care..clutch cable, new tyres, probably time for a tune-up..due to my own neglect this is what i realized my tyre looked like after i was already 300miles away from home..