Thursday, December 17, 2009

Can anyone offer me some of their expertise????

Does anyone know if this frame would be easy to make into a hardtail? It holds a Honda 750. Im sure it's more than possible, but I would like a confirmation from some compadres that are a little more skilled in building frames first. I really want to finally build this friggin chopper..grrrr

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I AM BACK..Tehee..Whether you like it or not! I checked out momentarily..but I guarantee it was for a good cause.

For the last two months I have been working almost 75 hours a week opening what is soon to be the best venue for any entertainment in Milwaukee you can think of.

The Horny Goat Hideaway
the new brew pub locally owned and operated in Milwaukee.

At the beginning of this year, Horny Goat Beer was introduced to the WI public. After a very overwhelming response, the brew master and two investors bought an old brick building along the Kinnickinnic River and renovated it into a brewery and restaurant. Now known as The Horny Goat Hideaway.

What I am most excited about though is the opportunity of the location of The hideaway.

1) we are located on a river and own approx. 20 boat slips.
2) we have one of the best patios in Milwaukee for drinking and dining.
3) we purchased the whole corner we are located on. approx. 6 the middle of the city!!!

and here are the future plans for all the land......
we are talking about building....

1) A distillery

2) A pavilion for live entertainment

3) An outdoor bar
4) A rink for bouts for our roller derby leagues

5) sand volleyball courts

So what about motorcycles?????

That's where I come in...

As a manager, my main goal is to bring people to my bar. It's easy to get your average Joe here. Play out a gimmick, offer some specials and average Joe arrives.
But seeing I personally am acquainted with a culture that puts your average Joe to shame I am going to use my opportunity to make the horny goat hideaway the new hangout for all areas related to motorcycles. skateboarders, bmx, fixed gears, snowboarders, mopeds, scooters, punk, metal, bluegrass, hippies, rockers.anything but the newest fall fashion.

I have been given basically an unsigned check to make whatever I want happen..HAPPEN. So I am going to go big or go home.

Anyone who wants in on this opportunity..CALL ME..414.552.3358 BUNNY
We can take over Milwaukee

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer's for riding

I want to apologize for my lack of updates..but seeing as I don't have a job behind a desk with a internet connection and any spare time I have is spent riding or wrenching motorcycles..I have to ask your forgiveness Bros..I think you'll understand
Will this first pic get me back on good terms???!! Bruno the Bruise from '07 crash..ouch

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wii Fit brings out the best air humper in of all of us!!

So Monday nights used to be about eating and its turned to sweating and gyrating..this is Peaches and I humiliating ourselves on Wii Fit..we're suppose to be hula hooping

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Videos from The Killing Fields

So my girl Trista put together these videos from our trip @ The Killing Fields..Trista.. YOU RULE..and BOYS DROOL..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Camping in Mauston this weekend

All are welcome to join us for camping @ the Killing Field..this is in Mauston, WI..not Cambodia..Check out the donutthole for ready for some T- rouble..


I dont remember giving birth to this..then again i am a bunny..its hard to account for all my baby bunnies

The NunRun

For everyone who couldn't make it..We had a B to the Last...
I dressed as a priest since i was leadig the flock and i figured it was my best chance @ meeting an aspiring alter boy...Teheheeee

Last camping trip..northwest Illinois

Mitch's bike
Codee, Warren, Brian, Mitch, Toeknee




Codee's bike was a bitch the whole way..a 3hr ride turned into 12hrs..toeknee and warren and codee all ran out of gas several times..i was like the den mother of the thats why these guys ride with like the catch bike..ahhh well..its all good with me

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My return trip from south florida

This is Cocoa Beach..this was on my down Stayed in this cabin my first night out of florida..Arabi, GA.. for 20 bones i got a hot shower and a bed..southern Georgia

Decided to extended my trip and head to North Carolina to ride Deal's Gap..or the tail of the dragon..318 turns in 11 miles..i think i put on 150 miles going back and forth..i dont think i have ever laid my bike down that far before

While i was in cape coral, fl i stayed with the infamous kelly rogers..thanks for the hospitality bro

this was taken @ restaurant in orlando..its kinda an inside joke

Nice work Kelly..U r the head bromo

Kelly had a tattoo convention to attend in was interesting because it was within a comic book was definitely amusing!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NUN RUN this weekend

Be careful riding out there!!

As of yesterday I learned yet another bro was in a hit and run..He's bike is beyond repair and both of his wrists were broke..He's gonna be out of the game for awhile..Hang in there Greg..maybe we can all chip in and buy you a blow job since your days of masterbating are on hold..Sorry dude


Just click on this image to order your copy today..if you've never heard of Sideburn..check out their blog...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach was phenomenol..mostly due to Kelly's friend Mark Longnecker who owns Endless Summer Tattoo..Thanks Mark for the awesome place to crash..and the arm bar..if any of you are in central florida stop in his shop..tell him bunny sent you and if he could show you an arm bar..get a tattoo @ least or pierced by Spike...

This is the guest spot pad we stayed in..its an apartment on the back of the shop..BADASS

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 2 &3 Lumpkin,GA..Savannah, GA

So what should have taken me about 600mi..took me 700..and those extra 100 are from riding back and forth on the road that supposedly led to the state park we were camping was gps kept dropping me in the middle of the road with sign of this fuckin place..usually im a fairly patient person when im on my motorbike..but this fiasco was pushing on my very last nerve..

....but all this on my end didnt compare to kelly's journey from the other end of the country..before he could make it 3hrs fom his house in the cape..his chain broke off taking his shoe lace with and nearly his leg..while he was waiting for kevo to arrive with a master link he also noticed that his fender mounts were broke leaving a nice new tread design in his tyre..Bound and determined to meet up with me he luckily found a guy in the vicinity @ a custom bike shop to weld the fender mounts..the weld wasnt the prettiest..but it was definitely what i would call industrial strength...
oh yeah and he also realized he lost his tag..but in the end we arrived almost @ the same time both exhausted..

Florence State Park

Kelly's replacement tag..and he didnt spell florida wrong on purpose..he's just what you call special..short bus specialbefore we made it 10mi away from the campground..we stopped to check out some manmade canyons..but also realized the piston seal in his brake caliper was shot and it was leaking we bought some brake fluid and refilled when needed..leaving kelly to use downshifting as his best way to stop..scary..yes..but its a chopper..and thats how it goes
Providence Canyon State Park...Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon." the massive gullies (the deepest being 150 feet) were caused by erosion due to poor farming practices in the 1800s

Bear Sighting..or maybe a sasquatch..

we were headed to Tybee Island off the coast of GA..but it got to late to reach the campground for the night and ended up holed up in a hotel a little east of savannah..the bed did feel nice i will morning we headed into Savannah and went out to Tybee Island and on to St. Augustine,FL for the night..

Tomorrow..Cocoa Beach..hellz yeah