Monday, March 30, 2009

Represent Broskis

I have been dominated by the first man ever..Peej Peach Johnson..this tattoo hurt so fuckin bad i was near passing out..but it was well worth it..thank you Peej..i am not looking forward to seeing you again to finish up..

Ready to reassemble new version of dohna

Kelly just got his cb750 back..After welding the crack in the backbone and raking out the neck..putting in new clutch plates..its time to put Dohna back together..cant wait to ride with you in florida baby

Peej's Shovel

Trying to get this bitch ready to ride..Sunday we attempted to get well into gettin the shovel fixed..When i left I think she was farther away from completion then when we started..sorry peej

When all else had failed we ate tacos..

Im done with the snow

So I get my bike out of the shop..ride a few times and then we get a shit ton of snow..WTF?

The little itty bitty kitty commitee

So these are the newest additions to our house..the mother is actually a cat Tony and I started feeding from the porch..Somehow she moved herself in and then decided to get knocked up..this only confirms that parenting might not be a good idea for me..i cant even keep the fostered cat from getting in trouble..Until the kittens are adopted we have named them Beezer, Triumph, Norton and Vincent

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let me know if I'll be rollin thru your town!!!

On April 8th I'm leaving Milwaukee for Florida and will be leaving Florida on the 17th or 18th to return to Milwaukee... if any of you guys think you'll be on the route there or back..i always appreciate meeting some of my fellow biker bros..Let me know..
Its alot of miles solo and it would be awesome to see a friendly face on the road..

Sorry I've Been Slackin!!!!

Sorry..Really I mean it!!! so the latest irony in my motorcycle world is that i got my motorcycle out of the shop and now its been pouring rain hiss..but i do have a trip to florida comin up in a couple weeks that will certainly make up for lost until my next post..which will hopefully being sooner then the last i highly suggest you check out the movie Lords of Dogtown..Its BA bros..if you havent heard of it..its the story of the Z-boys in Dogtown..Jay Adams,Tony Alva,Stacey Peralta and Skip Engblom..and if you dont know who those guys are..they are the guys that began the revolution in skateboarding..CHECK IT

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pussy Patrol..Cat Killa...

Peej is a member of the Pussy Patrol..and this pussy must have got out of control..
(no animals were harmed during the making of these photos)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

most recent progress on Donutts Shovel

Some bros go to strip clubs to play with jugs..and some go in their shop to play with jugs..Donutts and I spent the evening puttin his new bored out cylinders and 40 over pistons should ask him why he had to go 40 over..i'll give you a has something to do with the air filter(or lack there of)..and he got his frame back with the new tank mounts..

Old school ring compressor