Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My return trip from south florida

This is Cocoa Beach..this was on my down Stayed in this cabin my first night out of florida..Arabi, GA.. for 20 bones i got a hot shower and a bed..southern Georgia

Decided to extended my trip and head to North Carolina to ride Deal's Gap..or the tail of the dragon..318 turns in 11 miles..i think i put on 150 miles going back and forth..i dont think i have ever laid my bike down that far before

While i was in cape coral, fl i stayed with the infamous kelly rogers..thanks for the hospitality bro

this was taken @ restaurant in orlando..its kinda an inside joke

Nice work Kelly..U r the head bromo

Kelly had a tattoo convention to attend in orlando..it was interesting because it was within a comic book convention..wow..it was definitely amusing!!!

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